Константин ДороховKonstantin Dorohov – Violin. In three years of age, visiting with my mother a concert violin music in a small town, Constantine asked to buy him a violin … so strongly and deeply touched his mesmerizing sounds of this musical instrument. Later he was sent to a music school in the city of Prokopyevsk (Siberia, Kemerovo region.), Where he graduated from the 8th grade and enrolled in music school Barnaul in 2005. Later, in Novosibirsk, worked with a professor, People’s Artist of Russia Zakhar Bron, students who are such outstanding violinists as Vadim Repin and Maxim Vengerov. In 2008 he continued his studies in the MMC them. Gnessin, and after college in 2010, he entered the Gnessin. Gnessin where and continues her studies in the fourth year in a classroom assistant professor Tikhonovoj OO
Execution of Constantine will carry you a hurricane brilliant virtuosity and brilliance of the game! Special understanding of music and means of transmission of the musical language will not leave you indifferent !!!

Михаил КофановMikhail Kofanov – Piano. Michael -winner of international competitions. Born in Tula, a family of musicians. He graduated from music school and college with a red diplomom.V School worked on special piano student at the Bertha Marants. With brilliantly graduated from the Russian Academy of Music. Gnessin classroom assistant professor Marina A. Drozdov-pupil of the legendary Maria Yudina. With tango met quite by accident, but in a totally delighted. Studying tango style outstanding pianists golden age, which makes it especially close to game the best examples of this trend.

Eugene Kozlov - Contrabass. Evgeny is a musician with a bright musical charisma that makes his performance is particularly striking. Born into a musical family, so it was surrounded by music from birth. Having behind education in Gnessin School and the Jewish Academy. Maimonides Eugene perfectly mastered playing instruments such as bass, bass guitar, baby bass, as well as a specialist in Latin American music. With music tango it binds more than one year of creativity and many tango festivals, concerts on the best stages of the country and abroad.

Дмитрий Коваленко Dmitriy Kovalenko – Bandoneon. Dmitry was born in 1982 in the Amur region, at the age of 10 years enrolled in a music school where he learned to play the accordion. In 1999, having completed the training and received a diploma, Dmitry sent to the capital with a burning desire to go to State Medical University. Gnessin, and he does. For 4 years studying in class honored worker of culture Bubentsova YI Imeenno the school Dmitry acquainted with the music of Astor Piazzolla and a sophomore collects his first team «SOLEDAD», which was successfully performed and toured for 10 years. In 2003 Dmitry with red ends Gnessin School and entered the Gnessin RAM him in the class of professor, People’s Artist of Russia Dranga YP In 2008, graduated from the Academy with honors and enrolled in graduate school to Professor Yu Dranga Dmitry on his way to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, where the acquiring my first bandoneon brand Alfred Arnold Doble A, this is exactly the model he played Astor Piazzolla. From this moment, Dmitry began a new musical life – rare in our country, unusual and at the same time challenging to master the instrument has opened new opportunities in performance and sound of tango music. In 2011, the efforts of Dmitry and his friends created a new team PASIONAL.