Upcoming performances by Pasional      2017-2018

November 14 – Ekaterinburg, Concert Hall of the Children’s Philharmonic Society

November 24 – Hamburg, Tango-matrix

November 29 – Hamburg, Tango-matrix

November 30 – Flensburg, concert in theater Orpheus

December 1 – Kiel, Grand- milonga

December 7-9 – Yalta Tango Festival

December 26 – Christmas concert in the House of Scientists

January 2 – New Year milonga Zhukovsky

January 19 – closed event

February 14 –  concert in the House of Scientists

February 15 – concert Moscow

March 9 – Minsk spring tango festival

March 23 – concert Ufa

September 2 – Milonga Ronda, Moscow

September 11 – Milonga Rendezvous, Moscow

September 16 – Moscow, Concert

September 23 – Milonga, Zhukovsky

Pasional – Pasional (passional) – ‘a current of passional electric energy’. This young ensemble interprets music with an extraordinary energy, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in all performances. Their main repertoire is Argentinian tango and they specialise in signature variations on themes by A Piazzolla and tango of the Golden Age (30s and 40s orchestras of J D’Arienzo, F Canaro, C di Sarli, R Baiggi, J Garcia, O Pugliese). “We’re constantly updating our arrangements – say the musicians – striving in our quartet for volume, intensity and sound reminiscent of an entire orchestra, which is why we added the word Orquesta to our name”. The four musicians – Konstantin Dorokhov, Mikhail, Kofanov, Dmitri Kovalenko and Evgeny Kozlov are masters of their profession, they create a whole, while remaining unique, each one of them. Graduates of the best music institutions in Russia, they perform in the most prestigious concert halls and are frequent guests at tango festivals at home and abroad. .